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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Little Old Man and His Hard-Working Wife

Once upon a time there was a little old man. Every time he ate, he spilled food or drink on his shirt or pants. His hard-working wife was becoming weary of washing his clothes day after day. So, she inquired as to where she could get a big bib for her messy husband. Luckily, she found a source. So, for the next four years, her husband wore the same blue diamond bib for every meal he ate. He became so attached to his bib that he rarely even took it off even between mealtimes. This became a dilemma for his wife. While she was grateful that her husband didn’t mess his clothes and stains were a thing of the past, she found she could not figure out how to wash his messy bib. One day, she had an idea. When the old man was sleeping, she would sneak in and take off his bib, wash it, and put it back on him before he awoke. That worked for a while until his bib became so worn out the only alternative was to buy two bibs exactly alike, so she could wash one while her husband wore the other one. Thankfully, this wonderful wife discovered THE BIB SHOPPE where she found 2 bibs exactly alike! And, just so you know, the old man adjusted and came to love his new bib even more than his old bib. And the old woman decided to buy herself one too so she could have as much fun wearing hers as her husband seemed to have wearing his bib.

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Written by Patti Greene

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