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Friday, March 29, 2013

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper Love Adult Bibs


Adult Bibs - Giant Life Size Baby Bib for People

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I am so proud that the Adult Bib industry is getting publicity. I recently saw the YouTube entitled Kathy Griffin & Anderson Try Adult Bibs on for Size – You Tube.  I loved it. Not only were “adult bibs” portrayed in a positive and fun way, they were portrayed as a practical use for food and for carrying things around with you in their pockets.
The Bib Shoppe started with the inspiration of the owner’s father who happens to be a serial spiller. After his excitement of receiving four adult bibs, the vision was formed. At “The Bib Shoppe”, we have been selling adult bibs and adult towel bibs since 2008. Our business has expanded into other areas, but the first item we manufactured was our adult bibs. Our pride in this industry grows more day by day.
Our Adult Bibs are made for adults of all ages. They are great for driving to work while eating, formal dinners, nursing homes, assisted living centers, eating spaghetti, people with special needs, or just sitting on your couch in the privacy of your own home. We have even sold our bibs for using outdoors to put rabbit seed in the pockets for walking around feeding the rabbits.  The uses are endless.
The Bib Shoppe sells two types of adult bibs – our 100% cotton reversible bibs and our towel bibs to fit your style and/or need.
As Kathy Griffin say about adult bibs, “This is perfect…This is a dream.” She is right.
The Bib Shoppe sells both retail and wholesale upon request. We can custom make quantity adult bibs just for your need.
Check out some of our “Raves and Reviews” below.
I recently bought your “Praise the Lord” bib for a friend who has Stage 4 cancer. When she is lying down wearing her bib, her family and friends read the Scripture verses from the bib to her. What a blessing. Thank you Bib Shoppe.

"You ladies have hearts of gold! Your business will prosper because of that! Mom loved the length [of the towel bib]; it covered her lap...so we were very happy with it."

Thanks ladies. Have saved a lot of shirts thanks to you all.
Tuxedo Cut Bibs - Just for Men!
Every wife should buy one of these adult bibs for their husbands!


"I am a new mom and was tired of my adorable baby spitting up all over me. He has great aim and would somehow spit up on my chest and inside my shirt! So I thought to myself, the bibs that he is wearing does nothing to protect me and my clothes. I need a bib! I found the Bib Shoppe online and immediately ordered my adult bib. I absolutely love the color choices and I picked out the color that matches my color wheel so I can look fabulous at all times, especially feeding the baby. It’s easy to put on and take off and I love the pockets that I use for my phone and an extra pacifier. This is a new mom's MUST HAVE!"
I just used my new bib today, and thanks to the ‘food vest’, I was able to eat my soup and not wear it at the same time.

My mother loves the Thanksgiving and Christmas bibs I bought, and I am using mine while cooking. I am so messy.


Dennis Hurt said...

I never realized how much of a market there was for these! My wife is actually thinking of making some adult bibs for a few people!

Evelyn Mann said...

Dennis, there is a niche for adult bibs. If your wife doesn't feel like making them, check back with us. Actually, we have one on sale in our clearance section right now. www.bibshoppe.com

Ronald Bryan said...

Evelyn, I don't feel like making homemade bibs very much. It feels good to know that there's a place for me to go and find these adult bibs. http://www.bibs4adults.com/shop/