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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Minky and Cotton Gift Ideas! Christmas 2012

Bib Shoppe Gift Ideas

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With Christmas around the corner, there are so many choices for gifts; so many sales to consider; so many people to buy for; and so many decisions to make, so I thought I would make this blog easy by just showing you one of each item you might consider as a unique Christmas gift for your family or for a friend. Click on the link below each item to see more choices.
I do have to admit, I feel like this blog is coming out way too late. You see - I am one of these people who has all their Christmas shopping done by October and has all their gifts wrapped by November. So, as I am sharing this post, my gifts are all ready to go under the tree, but I know not everyone is as anal as I am, so here goes.
Adult Bib - Great for a kitchen cover-up; make-up cover; craft protector; nursing cover-up, or for the elderly.
Adult Towel Bib - Great for all of the above; Our most recent customer had a very unique idea. She bought it to go around her car rest, so her dog could sit on it while she drove. Each to his own is my motto. Be creative.
Snuggle Buddy - Lovie Blanket for toddlers; Made with stuffed animal and beautiful minky fabric.
Minky Baby Blanket - Minky is the most popular fabric around for our new young mothers.
Minky Security Blankets - Those wonderful blankies that toddlers just love to hang on to in their crib, toddler bed, stroller, or just to walk around with.
Toddler Dress Bib - Oh my! Dress up your little toddler (fits size 1-4 years). This unique bib that looks like a dress can be worn at home or at her favorite restaurant. What a charmer.
Oven Door Dress Dishtowel - Check this out. If you have an oven with a bar, hang this dress over the bar, tie it on the sides, and just wait for the compliments from your friends. Another idea is to use one of our Christmas Dresses over the guest bathroom rack to give your bathroom a little lift during the holiday seasons. It will double as your handtowel. Comes in Christmas styles and everyday styles.
As always, if you have any questions about any of our items, just email us at bibshoppe@gmail.com, and we will get back to you asap!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas 2012! Thanks to all our customers - you are appreciated!
Patti and Evelyn
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