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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adult Bibs - Just in time for Valentine's Day

Dear Existing Customers and New Customers,

Don't miss out. Our new Adult Bibs are in! These are the perfect Valentine's gift for Grandma or Grandpa or for you!

Prices range from $15.00 - $19.00.

The Bib Shoppe's new 100% cotton BOUTIQUE BIBS include a mixture of men and women bibs with the following flair:

- Gorgeous Quilt Bib for the sewer or sewer "wanna be."
- Bright and cheerful Geranium Bib
- Calming Pink and Green Flowers Bib
- Awesome blue Western Trails Bib
- Red and White checkered Spaghetti Bib
- Sharp-looking Multi-colored Patriotic Bib
- Stunning Crawfish Bib
Click here to see our Adult Boutique Bibs.

Our new TOWEL BIBS include a variety of men and women bibs with the following yoke designs:
- Simple Pink and Green Flowers yoke
- Stylish Brown and Light Blue yoke
- Red, White, and Blue Patriotic yoke
- Manly Horse yoke
- Dog lover's Labrador yoke
- Subtle small Green and Pink Flowered yoke
Click here to see our Adult Towel Bibs

People just like you, wear their coverup bibs for...
- Sitting on their couch eating and drinking while not wanting their clothes to get messed up
- Eating and drinking in their car (great for trips)
- Makeup protectors
- Cooking
- Protection while making craft projects
- Elderly care
- Special needs
- One lady even used our boutique bib to fill the pockets with rabbit food, so she could go out and have her hands free while feeding her friends.
- The uses are endless.

Same day or next day SHIPPING!

Just treat yourself or someone you love.
The Bib Shoppe