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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Minky and Cotton Gift Ideas! Christmas 2012

Bib Shoppe Gift Ideas

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With Christmas around the corner, there are so many choices for gifts; so many sales to consider; so many people to buy for; and so many decisions to make, so I thought I would make this blog easy by just showing you one of each item you might consider as a unique Christmas gift for your family or for a friend. Click on the link below each item to see more choices.
I do have to admit, I feel like this blog is coming out way too late. You see - I am one of these people who has all their Christmas shopping done by October and has all their gifts wrapped by November. So, as I am sharing this post, my gifts are all ready to go under the tree, but I know not everyone is as anal as I am, so here goes.
Adult Bib - Great for a kitchen cover-up; make-up cover; craft protector; nursing cover-up, or for the elderly.
Adult Towel Bib - Great for all of the above; Our most recent customer had a very unique idea. She bought it to go around her car rest, so her dog could sit on it while she drove. Each to his own is my motto. Be creative.
Snuggle Buddy - Lovie Blanket for toddlers; Made with stuffed animal and beautiful minky fabric.
Minky Baby Blanket - Minky is the most popular fabric around for our new young mothers.
Minky Security Blankets - Those wonderful blankies that toddlers just love to hang on to in their crib, toddler bed, stroller, or just to walk around with.
Toddler Dress Bib - Oh my! Dress up your little toddler (fits size 1-4 years). This unique bib that looks like a dress can be worn at home or at her favorite restaurant. What a charmer.
Oven Door Dress Dishtowel - Check this out. If you have an oven with a bar, hang this dress over the bar, tie it on the sides, and just wait for the compliments from your friends. Another idea is to use one of our Christmas Dresses over the guest bathroom rack to give your bathroom a little lift during the holiday seasons. It will double as your handtowel. Comes in Christmas styles and everyday styles.
As always, if you have any questions about any of our items, just email us at bibshoppe@gmail.com, and we will get back to you asap!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas 2012! Thanks to all our customers - you are appreciated!
Patti and Evelyn
The Bib Shoppe
1795 North Fry Road #448
Katy, TX 77449


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple Advice for being a First Time Vendor at a Tradeshow or Market by Patti Greene

The Bib Shoppe attended the Dallas Home and Gift Show in June, 2012! Below are observations we noticed that might help you if you ever decide to go.

1.      Location, Location, Location – If you don’t have a good location, it isn’t worth the money to go. Absolutely think of everything that could happen with the booth you choose, i.e. could the vendor in front of you build a high wall, so no one can see your booth?

2.      Most items you offer should be totally unique and new. Use newest fabrics, newest towels, or whatever you have in your products.

3.      Simplify your planning.

4.      Don’t make tons of business cards and ‘sell sheets’ – only the interested folks want to take them anyway.

5.      Prepare your wholesale website so it is ready for stores to purchase online as soon as they leave the market. www.bibshoppe.com / Click on View Wholesale to see our items.

6.      Make your booth attractive and pleasant to look at.

7.      Smile and be pleasant – No one wants to ask questions or even look at your booth if you don’t seem excited to see them.

8.      Get as many business cards from folks who stop and/or pass by your booth.

9.      Wear comfortable shoes.

10.   Ask other vendors for advice.

11.   Offer a discount on purchases made at the market.

12.   Follow-up with an email or notification thanking all who stopped by your booth (whether they bought from you or not!)

The Bib Shoppe specializes in baby bibs, adult bibs, minky blankets, and more.
www.bibshoppe.com – bibshoppe@gmail.com

Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Books to Bibs: How to Organize a Home Library

From Books to Bibs!
Patti Londa Greene
For the past four years, I have operated in two realms of life - A high school librarian by day and co-owner of the Bib Shoppe by night. I “baptized” myself with my new slogan now that I am officially retired from being a librarian. The new slogan that sums up my life at this point is “From Books to Bibs.”
My slogan came to me after I decided to leave librarianship and go into selling bibs, burps, and more full-time. But, really that isn’t totally true, because once you are a librarian you are always a librarian. I have learned a lot being a librarian that got me to the point I am in selling adult bibs, baby bibs, and cute minky blankets. I learned about organization, budgeting, researching, purchasing, receiving, making forms, cultivating politeness, helping clients, prioritizing, making web pages, accepting all types of people, and so much more.
So while going from ‘Books to Bibs’ may sound strange to some, it is a natural progression in my journey in life.  But, as God chooses our talents and provides opportunities for us to use them, two days into my retirement, someone asked me how to set up their home library. And, still hanging on to my library zeal, I typed up some little hints for him.
So, I thought you, my friends, might be interested in a very rudimentary and very general idea of how you might set up a home library.
General Ideas for Setting up a Home Library
Fiction Books – Either put them together randomly, or if you want to organize them, put them in order by the author’s last name. FIC AUT
Special Fiction Books – If you have a special topic or hobby you enjoy reading about, this is where you might want to separate them from your regular fiction, i.e. Christian fiction; Sports fiction; War fiction.  You can put them together randomly, or if you want to organize them, put them in order by the author’s last name as you would any fiction book
Biography and Autobiography – Mix the two together; Put them on the shelf by the last name of who the book is about. B
Collective Biographies – Books that have biographies with multiple people in them.  Alphabetize by title of book excluding A, An, and The. 920 is a special designation in the library world for collective biographies.  B or 920
Short Stories – Alphabetize them by the author’s last name if they wrote all the stories in the book; if there are different authors, alphabetize by the title excluding A, An, and The ; Put them all together. Usually, you will not have too many of these books. SC
Non Fiction – The Dewey Decimal number is a number that is assigned to each non-fiction book so that books on similar topics are kept together. Look at the Dewey Decimal chart on the link below – Print it out and/or save it on your computer.  You can group your books by 10 categories, ex. 000’s, 100’s, 200’s, etc. However, if you have more in one section, you might want to expand that section and go further into the Dewey Decimal System. For example, if you have a lot of religious books in your collection, you might want to put them in order by what is in 200’s, 210’s, 220’s, etc. All non-fiction books are shelved by the author’s last name; however, if there is no author, it is shelved by the title, excluding A, An, and The.  Dewey Decimal Number
000’s – General Books, Encyclopedias
100’s – Philosophy and Psychology
200’s – Religion; you may want to shelve by more specific designations since you will have more of these.
                200 – General Religion Books
                210 – Philosophy and Theories of Religion
                220 – Bibles
                230 – Christianity Christian Theology
                240 – Christian Moral and Devotional
                250 – Christian Orders and Local Church
                260 – Social and Ecclesiastical Theology
                270 – History and Geography of Church
                280 – Christian Denominations and Sects
                290 -  Other Religions and Comparative Religion
300’s      Social Sciences
400’s      Languages; Dictionaries
500’s      Natural Science; Mathematics
600’s      Technology (Applied Science) – Medical books, etc.
700’s      The Arts; Sports
800’s      Literature
900’s      Geography and History
If you want to subdivide any section, click this link from Cazenovia College and print it out.

Professional Books – You may want to have a section where you keep books about your profession, i.e.  engineering books, business books, etc.  If you have a lot of them, you may want to organize them by the Dewey Decimal number, but put a P somewhere to designate they go in your “professional library.” P
If you don’t know where to put a non-fiction book, just look on the back page of the title page in the front of the book, and the Dewey number is usually there. Sometimes it may show two places to put your book, and that would be up to you, i.e. B (biography of 920) or 700 (Encyclopedia of Athletes)
Then, if you want a section for your children’s books once he/she has outgrown them, you can designate them with a BB for board books; an E for easy books; and even a Dewey number for non –fiction.
There are YouTube videos for organizing a home library; also, if you need library supplies, there is a company called Highsmith where you can buy library pockets books, cards, genre labels, etc. It all depends on how in depth you want your home library to be.
As for purchasing items, there are actual computer programs for home libraries if you want to keep track electronically, but that is a lot of work and costs. In addition, I usually buy address labels to designate ownership of my books. Instead of putting my address on the label, I will put something like this on the front and inside cover. I usually buy my labels at an online store called Colorful Images.
This book belongs to the Greene Family
If borrowed, please return.
Just remember, it is a home library. There is no right or wrong way to how you decide to organize your library. Personalize it if you want to. The goal is just to be able to find your books when you want to find them.
And, if you really want to impress your friends with your Library Science knowledge, just let them know you know the ONLY person who has their very own Dewey Decimal Number.  And, that is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE at Dewey number 822!
Well, I hope this gives you something to think about.  But, if this article is too much to absorb, just sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your computer, and type in www.bibshoppe.com for some leisurely browsing.  And, actually, maybe after reading this article, you will be in the mood, like I was, to go from “Books to Bibs!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Dallas Market
June 21-24th, 2012
The Bib Shoppe will be there!

Minky Blanket Set; Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths - Mix and Match

The Bib Shoppe will be at the "Dallas Total Home and Gift Market"
this summer from June 21-24th, 2012. We will be on the
12th Floor of the WTC at Booth #1318!

We would love for you to stop by and see our wares.
We offer items for hospital gift shops, baby stores, gift boutiques,
and even Western stores. If you are not familiar with the
Dallas Market Center, it is the world's most complete wholesale
marketplace. Within its marketplace (of more than 5 million
square feet), retailers from around the world come and purchase
products from decorative accessories to children's apparel.
Retailers come to make their wholesale
transactions and find new and unique items for their stores.

Minky Security Blankets - Many more fabrics and prints!
Great for hospital gift shops!

The Bib Shoppe will be showcasing boutique-quality adult bibs, minky
baby bibs and burp cloths, minky security blankets & minky
baby blankets, towel cover-ups, and Big Brother/Big Sister Shirts!
Big Brother-Big Sister Shirts

Five percent total discount will be given on both order form and
online orders taken during the market dates from June 21-24th.

    Fun Adult Bibs - Cover-Ups

We can't wait to meet you in Dallas. Stop by-Remember-12th Floor of WTC,
Booth #1318. Register to win a free Bib Shoppe product.
New prize given each day. And, if you want to be ready, go to
www.bibshoppe.com. Click on Wholesale Request and be ready
to order before the market. We can't wait
to meet you! And, if you aren't going to market, you can still
order from us by checking our wholesale webpage now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adult Bibs - Just in time for Valentine's Day

Dear Existing Customers and New Customers,

Don't miss out. Our new Adult Bibs are in! These are the perfect Valentine's gift for Grandma or Grandpa or for you!

Prices range from $15.00 - $19.00.

The Bib Shoppe's new 100% cotton BOUTIQUE BIBS include a mixture of men and women bibs with the following flair:

- Gorgeous Quilt Bib for the sewer or sewer "wanna be."
- Bright and cheerful Geranium Bib
- Calming Pink and Green Flowers Bib
- Awesome blue Western Trails Bib
- Red and White checkered Spaghetti Bib
- Sharp-looking Multi-colored Patriotic Bib
- Stunning Crawfish Bib
Click here to see our Adult Boutique Bibs.

Our new TOWEL BIBS include a variety of men and women bibs with the following yoke designs:
- Simple Pink and Green Flowers yoke
- Stylish Brown and Light Blue yoke
- Red, White, and Blue Patriotic yoke
- Manly Horse yoke
- Dog lover's Labrador yoke
- Subtle small Green and Pink Flowered yoke
Click here to see our Adult Towel Bibs

People just like you, wear their coverup bibs for...
- Sitting on their couch eating and drinking while not wanting their clothes to get messed up
- Eating and drinking in their car (great for trips)
- Makeup protectors
- Cooking
- Protection while making craft projects
- Elderly care
- Special needs
- One lady even used our boutique bib to fill the pockets with rabbit food, so she could go out and have her hands free while feeding her friends.
- The uses are endless.

Same day or next day SHIPPING!

Just treat yourself or someone you love.
The Bib Shoppe

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caldecott Medal Winners - The Last 25 Years!
Award-Winning Picture Books
The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.

-          ALA, American Library Association

You can tell a Caldecott Medal Winner when you see the Caldecott symbol stamped or embossed on the front of a book.

Top three ‘Bib Shoppe’ recommendations – See asterisks
*2011: A Sick Day for Amos McGee illustrated by Erin E. Stead, written by Philip C. Stead (Neal Porter Books/Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group)

2010: The Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney (Little, Brown and Company)

2009:  The House in the Night illustrated by Beth Krommes, written by Susan Marie Swanson (Houghton Mifflin Company)

2008: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (Scholastic Press, an imprint of Scholastic)

2007: Flotsam by David Wiesner (Clarion)

2006: The Hello, Goodbye Window Illustrated by Chris Raschka, written by Norton Juster (Michael di Capua/Hyperion)

2005: Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes (Greenwillow Books/HarperCollinsPublishers)

2004: The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein (Roaring Brook Press/Millbrook Press)

2003: My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann (Roaring Brook Press/Millbrook Press)

2002: The Three Pigs by David Wiesner (Clarion/Houghton Mifflin)

2001: So You Want to Be President? Illustrated by David Small; text by Judith St. George (Philomel Books)

2000: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback (Viking)

1999: Snowflake Bentley, Illustrated by Mary Azarian ; text by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (Houghton)

1998: Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinsky (Dutton)

1997: Golem by David Wisniewski (Clarion)

1996: Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann (Putnam)

1995: Smoky Night, illustrated by David Diaz; text: Eve Bunting (Harcourt)
*1994: Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say; text: edited by Walter Lorraine (Houghton)

1993: Mirette on the High Wire by Emily Arnold McCully (Putnam)

1992: Tuesday by David Wiesner (Clarion Books)

1991: Black and White by David Macaulay (Houghton)

1990: Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young (Philomel)

1989: Song and Dance Man, illustrated by Stephen Gammell; text: Karen Ackerman (Knopf)

1988: Owl Moon, illustrated by John Schoenherr; text: Jane Yolen (Philomel)

1987: Hey, Al, illustrated by Richard Egielski; text: Arthur Yorinks (Farrar)
*1986: The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg (Houghton)

Other Caldecott Medal Winners recommended by ‘The Bib Shoppe’

1980: Ox-Cart Man, illustrated by Barbara Cooney; text: Donald Hall (Viking)

1978: Noah's Ark by Peter Spier (Doubleday)

1976: Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears , illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon; text: retold by Verna Aardema (Dial)

1968: Drummer Hoff, illustrated by Ed Emberley; text: adapted by Barbara Emberley (Prentice-Hall)

1964: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (Harper)

1963: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (Viking)

1956: Frog Went A-Courtin', illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky; text: retold by John Langstaff) (Harcourt)

1955: Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper, illustrated by Marcia Brown; text: translated from Charles Perrault by Marcia Brown (Scribner)

1948: White Snow, Bright Snow, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin; text: Alvin Tresselt (Lothrop)

1945: Prayer for a Child, illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones; text: Rachel Field (Macmillan)

1944: Many Moons, illustrated by Louis Slobodkin; text: James Thurber (Harcourt)

1942: Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey (Viking)

1938: Animals of the Bible, A Picture Book, illustrated by Dorothy P. Lathrop; text: selected by Helen Dean Fish

Compiled by Patti Greene, Co-Owner of ‘The Bib Shoppe’– Small Business Owner, Librarian, Teacher