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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What color is best for your baby?

Most new parents want to do everything right for their newborn – decorate the room perfectly; buy the safest crib; buy the most durable toys; buy the prettiest or most handsome clothing, amongst other things. But all the safety and durability doesn’t give a parent-to-be a clue about what colors are best for their new little one.

And, how can one know what colors are best for their baby? Knowing “baby colors” may make a difference in how to decorate a baby’s room, what color bedding and blankets to buy, or what color mobiles to install.

Unfortunately, studies vary in what their research tells us. The Bornstein study stated infants prefer looking longer into reds and blues and less at green colors. The Zemach study said that babies prefer blues and purples while the yellows, greens and red are less liked. Genius Babies say infants do not see the colors blue and green as much as the contrasts of red, white, and black. All about Vision say newborns can see black and white and shades of gray only. But, they believe that infants can see red, orange, yellow and green a week after birth. So, what’s a new parent-to-be believe?

All of the various studies out there about colors may be coming up with different results because they are measuring different entities, such as:

- Hues of a color
- Saturation level of a color
- Brightness of a color and/or,
- Baby’s brain hemisphere usage

So, when deciding whether a new parent wants to surround their child with soothing pastel colors or invigorating contrasting and bold colors, a parent is well-capable of making those decisions themselves. In the long run, you are the ones who will be living with the color scheme for a long time, so why not choose what you like? Also, think about what items will be around a long time, and how will you feel about that color scheme in 1 year, 2 years, or even 3 years. For example, if you are choosing a paint color for a room, and you have no intentions of a new paint job every year, will you be happy with a baby blue or baby pink or bright red for the next 5 years or more?

I know it may seem that every decision is absolutely the most important decision ever, but really, the most important thing your baby needs is a loving environment he or she feels safe and nurtured in. And with all those kisses and hugs you give them, they will be happy even in a red room with a purple blanket wrapped around them!

Patti Greene
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