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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gifts for Seniors

Christmas is over. Lots of money was spent on gifts, gifts, and more gifts. So, two days after Christmas, my 83 year old father made the profound statement that the best gift he received in the past few years was a round, rubber jar opener given to him from his 23 year old grandson. I don’t know how much my son paid for the jar opener, but they can be purchased for as little as 99 cents. There were two reasons my dad said he liked the gift so much – it was practical and he uses it, and he enjoyed seeing his grandson participate in the ‘gift of giving.”

It is hard in today’s world to define the words used to represent our ageing society. Should we call people seniors, senior citizens, or the elderly? The reason it is hard to define is because these terms mean different things in different societies. In some societies, “old age” is considered those who have retired; in other societies they represent grandparents; and in others it represents those unable to care for themselves.

No matter what definition you might choose to use, all “seniors” enjoy gifts from their loved ones. But, depending on their individual stage in life or age, gifts may vary.

So, in no particular order other than alphabetically, you might be able to find a gift idea for your 50 year old AARP aged friend or your assisted-living family member. Good luck!

1. A reader – Nook or Kindle
2. Adult Bib
3. Arm rest organizer
4. Bed rail
5. Bird feeder
6. Blanket for their bed
7. Board games
8. Books about hobbies
9. Calendar with birthdays and special family occasions listed
10. Cell phone
11. Cologne/Perfume
12. Computer
13. Computer printer
14. Conventional photo album
15. Correspondence box including special occasion cards; stamped of course!
16. Deck of cards
17. Dice
18. Digital frame, preloaded
19. Dominoes
20. Eye glass holder
21. Folding cane
22. Foot bath
23. Golf putter set
24. Hair rollers
25. Hair cut/dye appointment
26. Hair styler
27. Home alarm system
28. iPAD
29. Keepsake box
30. Lap blankets
31. Lap desk
32. Large numerical telephone
33. Lighted cane
34. Long length brush
35. Lotions
36. Magnifying glass
37. Medical alert jewelry
38. Medical books
39. Milk carton holder
40. Music (check what kind of player they have)
41. Pedicure set
42. Pen and pencil cushion
43. Photo book
44. Playing cards, large print
45. Reacher with rotating claw
46. Recliner
47. Restaurant gift cards
48. Robe
49. Rubber jar opener
50. Scarves and gloves
51. Slippers
52. Sport seat
53. Subscription to favorite newspaper or magazine
54. Tabletop card holder
55. Walker
56. Walker bag
57. Walker basket
58. Wallet, for walker, wheelchair, or pocket
59. Wheelchair
60. Wheelchair cup holder

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