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Saturday, January 1, 2011

30 Products New Moms Want!

While in reality, new babies don’t need much the first few weeks of life, there have been many articles written about what new moms need and/or want to have available for their newborn when they return home from the hospital. Obviously, a layette, diapers, baby-care products, and feeding necessities are absolutely necessary.

But, this list has compiled the top 30 products most new mothers would like to have available when they bring their baby home - these are not necessities, but part of a new mom's wish list for that new bundle of joy!

1. Activity gym
2. Baby bibs
3. Baby monitor
4. Bath kit
5. Bedding
6. Blankets
7. Bottles
8. Bouncer
9. Breast pump
10. Burp cloths
11. Camera
12. Car seat
13. Changing table
14. Crib, bassinet, or cradle
15. Diaper bag
16. Diaper pail
17. Diapers and baby wipes
18. Jumper
19. Lullaby CDs
20. Meals
21. Medical supplies
22. Nursing cover-up
23. Nursing Pillow
24. Sleepers
25. Pacifiers
26. Rocking chair
27. Sling or front carrier
28. Starter library
29. Stroller
30. Swing

Please comment if you see items missing from this list:)