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Monday, September 12, 2011


Many parents wonder if their child could have autism. They wonder if their child is growing both physically, mentally, and socially at the “correct pace.”

In addition, many parents, when they discuss their concerns with their pediatrician, are told to just wait and see what happens. But, many experts believe that if you have a suspicion that something might be wrong that you should have them checked out through tests and screenings. If a child is screened by a specialist and they find no justifiable concerns, then parents can rest at ease knowing that their child is developing at an appropriate pace. If there is a detectable concern, parents are able to find out early enough to get early intervention and the proper care for their child.

Mayo Clinic’s health information states, “Children with autism generally have problems in three crucial areas of development — social interaction, language and behavior. But because autism symptoms vary greatly, two children with the same diagnosis may act quite differently and have strikingly different skills. In most cases, though, severe autism is marked by a complete inability to communicate or interact with other people.

Some children show signs of autism in early infancy. Other children may develop normally for the first few months or years of life but then suddenly become withdrawn, become aggressive or lose language skills they've already acquired. Though each child with autism is likely to have a unique pattern of behavior, these are some common autism symptoms.”

The Mayo Clinic continues to clarify the symptoms of autism as follows:

Social skills
Fails to respond to his or her name
Has poor eye contact
Appears not to hear you at times
Resists cuddling and holding
Appears unaware of others' feelings
Seems to prefer playing alone — retreats into his or her "own world"

Starts talking later than age 2, and has other developmental delays by 30 months
Loses previously acquired ability to say words or sentences
Doesn't make eye contact when making requests
Speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm — may use a singsong voice or robot-like speech
Can't start a conversation or keep one going
May repeat words or phrases verbatim, but doesn't understand how to use them

Performs repetitive movements, such as rocking, spinning or hand-flapping
Develops specific routines or rituals
Becomes disturbed at the slightest change in routines or rituals
Moves constantly
May be fascinated by parts of an object, such as the spinning wheels of a toy car
May be unusually sensitive to light, sound and touch and yet oblivious to pain

With all these symptoms, it is important to understand that some of them may be seen in children whose development is normal.

Nancy D. Wiseman, founder and President of First Signs, discusses why early detection matters and why helping your child early in life can produce better results long term for a child. In her book, Could it be Autism?, Wiseman provides checklists and the steps you can take to either “confirm or rule out a developmental delay or disorder.”

If you are concerned about autism in someone you know, there is a lot of excellent reading material available to you. Please check these resources to help you or someone you love in their journey to make sense out of autism.

Brill, Marlene. Autism. New York : Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2008.

“Autism.” Mayo Clinic. Website.

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Veague, Heather. Autism. New York : Chelsea House, 2010.

Wiseman, Nancy. Could it be Autism? New York:Broadway Books, 2006.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Consumerism and Grandkids

I have to admit I love my three grandchildren. So of course, when my daughter asked if my husband and I would watch the two boys, ages 1 and 2, for five days, we said, “Yes.”

In preparation for the boys, I bought two little backyard swimming pools at Toys ‘R Us; I ordered one of the famous Little Tikes green turtle sandboxes online and bought 4 bags of sand for it; I bought some new needed toys to keep at Grandma’s house – a Disney character figure set from the Disney Store; a basketball and a shiny red tricycle from Wal-Mart, a dump truck, pails, shovels, crayons, and bubbles from the Dollar Store; and a Fisher Price block set. Oh, I almost forgot the cute little Sesame Street potty I bought at Wal-Mart. What a hit that turned out to be!

Of course, I had to prepare the house for their coming. The sheets were washed; the bathrooms cleaned; the carpets were vacuumed; the floors were washed; and the bathroom was stocked with new soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner from Walgreens.

A trip to Kroger was necessary in our preparation stage. I bought orange juice, milk, wipes, diapers, popsicles, yogurt, juice boxes, cheese strings, grapes, raisins, tomatoes, animal crackers, Pop Tarts, and even bread to feed the ducks.

It was time to change my hat to event planner! I scheduled what we would do each day. I decided that every evening after dinner we would go to the park and feed the ducks; then travel to McDonald’s for ice-cream and playtime; then go swimming in our new Toys ‘R Us pools. Day trips would include the Katy Mills Mall to ride the train; Memorial City Mall to ride the Carousel with their cousin and see Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather; the Dollar Store to buy more snacks; Kohl’s to buy a toy, and a trip to the Houston Zoo to see the cows, giraffes, monkeys, lions, tigers, and bears.

Then, the big day arrived. The boys showed up and the fun began. We ate, we laughed, we tickled, we read, we played, we splashed, we kicked, we fell, we walked, we swam, we cuddled, we bathed, we cried, we slept; and we got tired. And, oh did we get tired! Maybe tired isn’t the word – utterly exhausted was more like it.

But, the days flew by. We discovered the boys’ favorite feat was feeding the ducks every night. What started as an activity that scared the boys, they left Grammi’s with no fear of ducks. They also left Grammi and Grandpa’s house with a newfound love for orange popsicles; a deeper attachment to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald Duck; and love for Grammi’s story telling.

Pictures tell a thousand words. And pictures were snapped right and left.
With a little planning; a little spending; and a whole lot of loving, we had the best four days of the year.

Well, our time was up and we kissed the boys goodbye. But we couldn’t forget the good times we had. And, thanks to Shutterfly, Grammi made picture books to remind them of their 2011 vacation.

While I acknowledge that LOVE is the most important thing, I would also like to give thanks to all the retail stores and establishments that helped to create these wonderful memories, and to all reading this blog – GOODNIGHT, Grammi is exhausted!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking for the PERFECT BLANKET

Scattered throughout this article are some blanket fabrics available from The Bib Shoppe. Have some fun, and see if you can fit these into categories for infants, preschoolers, elementary age children, middle school students, or high school age children.

Yikes, choosing a blanket is difficult. NOT! Read on.

If you have ever walked down the toy section of a store, you will be overwhelmed with the bright colors of all the toys and books. That is because manufacturers have discovered the psychology of colors. Colors are used as marketing tools, but they can also be used as educational tools. If you take a look at preschool and grade school workbooks, you will notice many bright colors in the pages to attract young children. Colors help them learn.

But, what about choosing a blanket color for your loved ones? The tip of the day is: Consider age! Colors are universal and everywhere. But, they do mean different things in different settings and at different ages of life.

According to a 2005 research article published by the BBC, “children can see and even appreciate colors as early as four months old. At that age, however, their eyes may not yet be sufficiently developed to recognize various shades of color or differentiate dull colors like grey and brown. According to the article, researchers showed babies various shades of blue in sequence on a computer screen, and the babies' attention began to drift. When the color changed to green, the babies were once again attracted to the screen. The researchers concluded that babies are unable to distinguish variations in color, which reinforces the notion that babies can only see bright, fully saturated colors.”

Parents and/or grandparents usually like the soft pastels for newborn gifts. However, studies have shown that Infants and preschoolers usually prefer warm, bright colors, while elementary school aged children are attracted to pastels and tinted colors. Middle school students usually prefer the greens and blues, while high school students are attracted to darker colors, such as, dark green, gray, navy, burgundy, etc. Of course, most high school students enjoy receiving a blanket in their school colors whether they particularly like the colors or not.

In an informal survey on colors by The Bib Shoppe, I discovered that most people think preschoolers are attracted to bright colors because they associate bright colors with happiness. However, some feel that we bombard kids with bright colors so much and it is the object that is more important than its color. Purple was the overwhelming color of choice in the survey for what color participants believed most children from birth to 18 like the best. But, when those surveyed asked what their favorite color growing up was, they said blue, and still say that blue is their favorite color today.

Along with color though, consider the child’s likes and dislikes. If your child is afraid of dogs, you might want to avoid a dog printed blanket. But, if your child likes strawberries, you might want to consider a strawberry print. If you are trying to teach colors through your blanket, choose a blanket design with multiple colors. If you are trying to teach counting through your blanket, choose a blanket with objects to count.

Recently, my 2 year old grandson wanted a new blanket. He chose the blue owl print that we carry at The Bib Shoppe. He knows his colors, and he was adamant that he did not want the green print. Once, the blanket was made, I observed him interacting with his blanket. He was not only involved with the color, but the print. The blue owl print contains multiple different designed owls. He had already decided that his loved ones represented particular owls. I asked him, “Where is Mimi?” and he would point to a particular owl. I would say, “Show me Grandpa,” and he would point to a different owl. It was amazing to see learning going on within a blanket choice.

So, when choosing fabric colors for a blanket gift, you may also want to consider any learning that you might want to take place with your choice of blanket.

The Bib Shoppe sells custom handmade blankets for all ages and "ready to buy" blankets. Visit The Bib Shoppe!

Patti Greene, Author and Co-owner of The Bib Shoppe

To read more on colors and children, read the articles below. To access the articles, just go to Google, type the title in quotes, and click!

How Do Bright Colors Appeal to Kids?
Colour and children
Homeschool View - What Colors Help Children Learn?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day+ Baby Bibs & Adult Bibs Sale

The Bib Shoppe's "Stock Up" Memorial Day Sale!
Sunday, May 29 - Sunday, June 5th or until GONE!
As we honor our Veterans and those who have served around the world, The Bib Shoppe is offering 25% off on our already low priced, quality baby bibs, soft Gerber burp cloths, bib and burp sets, and adult bibs. Website prices are marked to sell.

Go to www.bibshoppe.com
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$7.12 - Baby Bib designs include:Cupcakes, Football, Monkeys, Candyland, Ladybugs, Basketball, Diggers and Dozers, Blue Sock Monkeys, Red Sock Monkeys, Dinosaurs, Pink Flowers, Black Swinging Monkeys, Yellow Swinging Monkeys, Baby Pink Minky, Baby Blue Minky,

$7.12 - Burp Cloth designs include:Cupcakes, Bugs & Butterflies, Haul It Trucks, Green Chirp, Purple Swirls, Ladybugs, Peace, Hope, Love, Leopard, John Deere

$14.25 - Bib and Burp set designs include:Baby Blue Minky, Baby Pink Minky, Cupcakes, Noah's Ark (Two by Two), Rainbow, Camo, Purple Swirls

$12.00 - 13.50 - Adult Bib designs include:Red Hat, Coffee Cups, Blue Plaid, Pears & Apples, Blue Daisies, Red Checkered, Praise the Lord, Hot Air Balloons, Green Flowers, Yellow Recipe, Moose, Sailboats, Hope, Faith, & Joy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 Common "Old Age" Illnesses www.bibshoppe.com

Alzheimer Disease - A degenerative brain disorder characterized by premature senility and dementia.

Arthritis - A medical condition characterized by inflammation of the joints, which results in pain and difficulty moving.

Blood Pressure - The pulsating pressure of blood flow through an artery. (Blood pressure can be high or low.)

Cancer - any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division; it may spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the blood stream.

Diabetes – [Also called diabetes mellitus] often simply referred to as diabetes—is a condition in which a person has a high blood sugar (glucose) level as a result of the body either not producing enough insulin, or because body cells do not properly respond to the insulin that is produced.

Eye Disease - any disease of the eye.

Heart Attack - a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart function

Heart Problems - Heart disease or cardiopathy is an umbrella term for a variety of different diseases affecting the heart.

Kidney Disease - Any one of several chronic conditions that are caused by damage to the cells of the kidney.

Mental Illness - A health condition that changes a person's thinking, feelings, or behavior (or all three) and that causes the person distress and difficulty in functioning.

Osteoporosis - a condition whereby the bones lose some of their mineral content and become less dense. Bones that are osteoporotic are more at risk for fractures.

Prostate Enlargement - A non-cancerous condition that affects many men past 50 years of age, enlarged prostate makes urinating more difficult by narrowing the urethra, a tube running from the bladder through the prostate gland.

Skin Disease - a disease affecting the skin

Stroke - a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain.

Tuberculosis - a highly contagious infection that attacks the lungs and other parts of the body.

Add more by posting to this list. We would love to get a complete list going.

“Google Define Search Feature.” Google, 10 May, 2011. Web. 10 May, 2011.

Definitions were taken from Google’s Define Search feature. Multiple different sources were used in the definitions.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hanging Kitchen Towels, also known as OVEN DOOR DRESSES!

So you want to add some charm to your kitchen, but you don’t want to spend big bucks to do it. Here is one idea you can use to update your kitchen with a minimum expense of only $16.50. An oven door dishtowel dress from The Bib Shoppe will add a special touch of country charm to either a plain kitchen or to one that has been updated with expensive stone counters and/or fancy floors.

The Bib Shoppe’s oven door dress dishtowels are made with a 100% cotton yoke and matching toweling. Other specifications consist of…
•Side ties
•Approximately 13 1/2" from neckline to hemline
•Coordinated yoke and towel
•Easy to wash in cold water; tumble dry

These dishtowels are one of the newest kitchen decor pieces available on the market. They make great gifts for housewarming parties, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more.

An alternative use is to hang one of these hand-towels over a bathroom towel rack for a lovely, one-of-a-kind look.

Designed by and for The Bib Shoppe.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Shower Games

So, you are the lucky one giving your friend or friends their baby shower. Below you will find a compilation of some of the best baby shower games we found. So, if you are wondering what games are out there, enjoy browsing these "baby shower" game sites. There will be at least one that is perfect for your party.

14 Festive Baby Shower Games from Parents Magazine

Appropriate Office Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Game for Twins

Baby Shower Game Idea for Twins by ehow.com

Baby Shower Games - To Purchase

Baby Shower Games by Baby Names

Beaucoup - Unique Baby Shower Games to Buy

Coed Baby Showers by Baby Center - Scroll down for games for men

Cool Baby Shower Games

Fun Biblical Christian Baby Shower Games

List of Baby Shower Games for Couples by ehow.com

Personalized Twin Baby Bingo - To Purchase

And now that you have looked through some of these sites, shoot me back a reply and let me know what your favorite game is! And, if you have actually used one of these game ideas, let us know how it went over! And, if you need a quick gift for a baby shower, check out THE BIB SHOPPE!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to The Bib Shoppe's re-designed website! www.bibshoppe.com

Well, we have finally done it. The Bib Shoppe has a newly designed website that is more user-friendly for both you and us! It all started a year ago when we realized we needed better customer service and a website with more features that we could access ourselves for the right price. First, we needed a logo. A great, reasonable logo company was recommended to us, and we first got our logo made to our satisfaction within days. Next came the year long search for a web-designer. We knew our limitations and realized we needed help to create the design we wanted. We shared our ideas and colors with our designer and the company “tolerated” all our emails and changes with a wonderful, patient attitude. Once the design was made, we moved to a technical expert that helped with all the ins and outs of the backside of a website. Again, we found the most knowledgeable and patient person to help us reach our goal. Yes, it all took time – we had to retake all our pictures again, re-stock our products, and input the information into our new site. But, now we are ready to unveil our baby using our same web-address at www.bibshoppe.com.

Browse our new selections of adult bibs, towel bibs, baby bibs, burp cloths, toddler dress bibs, custom minky (minkee) blankets, ready-made minky blankets, inspirational items, and special occasion bears.

Notable enhancements to our new website that will make your searching and shopping easier and your overall experience more user-friendly include:
- New products
- Link to Twitter Facebook, and The Bib Shoppe Blog at the top of each page
- Search bar
- Custom, monogrammed minky (minkee) blanket orders can be placed online with close to 200 fabrics to choose from
- Newsletter signup
- Portfolio category to view a photo gallery of our happy customers. (Send us your pictures with you or your loved one using a Bib Shoppe product.)
- Online Wholesale Request form. (We are currently selling minky blankets and sets wholesale to business establishments.)

Use coupon code: redribbon to receive 10% off on all Visa, Mastercard, and/or PayPal online orders through April 15, 2011.

So, now pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and take a moment to leisurely look through our new site. If you like what you see, please leave us a comment, forward our site to your friends and/or family, join one of our ‘Social Media’ sites (Twitter, Facebook, or Blog) to keep informed of all sales and new products, and don’t forget to bookmark us or add us to your favorites. As always, if you have any questions, just email us at bibshoppe@gmail.com.

Patti and Evelyn

We want to thank all the companies that made this journey with us. We couldn’t have done it without you. THANKS SO MUCH!

http://thelogocompany.net – Our Logo Designer
www.inkprince.com – Our creative, artistic Web Designer
www.readysetshoppe.com – Our small business Website Support

Also, so many books were read along the way that I can’t credit all of them, but here are a few that really benefited The Bib Shoppe on our journey. To the authors -THANKS SO MUCH!

Antion, Tom. How to Pick a Shopping Cart that Makes You Money. 2009.

Emerson, Melinda. Become your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business that Works. Avon, MA: Adams Business, 2010.

Halligan, Brian and Dharmesh Shah. Inbound Marketing: Get found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley, 2010.

Shaeffer, Claire. Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide. Cincinnati: Krause, 2008.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Penny Pinching Mama Event! Feb. 24-26, 2011

Register to win one of these blankets when you stop by The Bib Shoppe! Good luck!

What is the Penny Pinching Mama’s Event? It is a place to buy quality children's and maternity clothing, toys and baby equipment. It is also a place to buy new items for gifts or you. Many vendors, including The Bib Shoppe, will be there.

What will be for sale at The Bib Shoppe? New baby bibs, burp cloths, Toddler dress bibs, minky (minkee) security and baby blankets, and an opportunity to special order a personal and/or monogrammed blanket for any age choosing from 200 different print and solid fabrics. There are many Robert Kaufmann designer fabrics to choose from.

Why should I stop at The Bib Shoppe vendor table? Besides the fact that the people who are working the table are super nice, you can register to win a free minky baby blanket. It may be your lucky day!

When is the event?
Thursday, February 24 – Presale: Presale is reserved for parents who are pregnant with their first child or have their first child under one year of age. This presale also includes first time grandparents, adoptive/foster parents, teachers, home-school parents and military families; 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm. You must have a pre-sale pass to attend this event. Email Lori at Lori@pennypinchingmamastx.com, with your email address, and she will email you back a pass to attend this event.

Friday, February 25 – Public Sale Opens; 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 pm.

Saturday, February 26 – Public Sale; 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 pm.

Where: The Berry Center, 8877 Barker Cypress, Cypress, TX 77433
Let us know if we will see you there

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What color is best for your baby?

Most new parents want to do everything right for their newborn – decorate the room perfectly; buy the safest crib; buy the most durable toys; buy the prettiest or most handsome clothing, amongst other things. But all the safety and durability doesn’t give a parent-to-be a clue about what colors are best for their new little one.

And, how can one know what colors are best for their baby? Knowing “baby colors” may make a difference in how to decorate a baby’s room, what color bedding and blankets to buy, or what color mobiles to install.

Unfortunately, studies vary in what their research tells us. The Bornstein study stated infants prefer looking longer into reds and blues and less at green colors. The Zemach study said that babies prefer blues and purples while the yellows, greens and red are less liked. Genius Babies say infants do not see the colors blue and green as much as the contrasts of red, white, and black. All about Vision say newborns can see black and white and shades of gray only. But, they believe that infants can see red, orange, yellow and green a week after birth. So, what’s a new parent-to-be believe?

All of the various studies out there about colors may be coming up with different results because they are measuring different entities, such as:

- Hues of a color
- Saturation level of a color
- Brightness of a color and/or,
- Baby’s brain hemisphere usage

So, when deciding whether a new parent wants to surround their child with soothing pastel colors or invigorating contrasting and bold colors, a parent is well-capable of making those decisions themselves. In the long run, you are the ones who will be living with the color scheme for a long time, so why not choose what you like? Also, think about what items will be around a long time, and how will you feel about that color scheme in 1 year, 2 years, or even 3 years. For example, if you are choosing a paint color for a room, and you have no intentions of a new paint job every year, will you be happy with a baby blue or baby pink or bright red for the next 5 years or more?

I know it may seem that every decision is absolutely the most important decision ever, but really, the most important thing your baby needs is a loving environment he or she feels safe and nurtured in. And with all those kisses and hugs you give them, they will be happy even in a red room with a purple blanket wrapped around them!

Patti Greene
The Bib Shoppe: Your Online Boutique for "Bibs, Blankets, and More!"

Saturday, January 29, 2011


It almost happened to me! I feel so foolish that I almost fell for a phishing scam that I can’t even write about the experience, but I do want you to know more about phishing so you won't fall prey to this type of vicious identity theft!

Basically, phishing is when criminals use electronic sources (phones, email, or any online sources) to trick individuals into sharing personal information. Phishing is a crime, but these criminals are rarely caught. They try to get your passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, your driver’s license number, and even your mother’s maiden name among other things. Sometimes a phishing incident involves sending emails posing as banks or credit card companies. The problem is that these emails look so close to the legitimate company that many fall for it.

Everyone must be diligent and on the alert so as not to be caught in these phishing scams. We can do this by heeding the following advice:

1. Don’t give anyone your private information, i.e. usernames, passwords, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, account numbers, and more.

2. Be aware of urgency on the part of people involved in a phishing fraud attack.

3. Any email that seems questionable or suspicious, delete immediately. Do not open it.

4. Avoid hyperlinks.

5. Change your computer passwords frequently.

6. Remember that legitimate companies will never ask you to update or confirm information.

7. Use Internet firewalls and be sure to update them regularly.

8. Turn off your computer when you are not using it.

Yes, phishing could happen to you. Be alert and be sure to report any incident you have encountered to the Federal Trade Commission.

And guess what? I haven’t even touched on vishing. You may have to research that one yourself!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gifts for Seniors

Christmas is over. Lots of money was spent on gifts, gifts, and more gifts. So, two days after Christmas, my 83 year old father made the profound statement that the best gift he received in the past few years was a round, rubber jar opener given to him from his 23 year old grandson. I don’t know how much my son paid for the jar opener, but they can be purchased for as little as 99 cents. There were two reasons my dad said he liked the gift so much – it was practical and he uses it, and he enjoyed seeing his grandson participate in the ‘gift of giving.”

It is hard in today’s world to define the words used to represent our ageing society. Should we call people seniors, senior citizens, or the elderly? The reason it is hard to define is because these terms mean different things in different societies. In some societies, “old age” is considered those who have retired; in other societies they represent grandparents; and in others it represents those unable to care for themselves.

No matter what definition you might choose to use, all “seniors” enjoy gifts from their loved ones. But, depending on their individual stage in life or age, gifts may vary.

So, in no particular order other than alphabetically, you might be able to find a gift idea for your 50 year old AARP aged friend or your assisted-living family member. Good luck!

1. A reader – Nook or Kindle
2. Adult Bib
3. Arm rest organizer
4. Bed rail
5. Bird feeder
6. Blanket for their bed
7. Board games
8. Books about hobbies
9. Calendar with birthdays and special family occasions listed
10. Cell phone
11. Cologne/Perfume
12. Computer
13. Computer printer
14. Conventional photo album
15. Correspondence box including special occasion cards; stamped of course!
16. Deck of cards
17. Dice
18. Digital frame, preloaded
19. Dominoes
20. Eye glass holder
21. Folding cane
22. Foot bath
23. Golf putter set
24. Hair rollers
25. Hair cut/dye appointment
26. Hair styler
27. Home alarm system
28. iPAD
29. Keepsake box
30. Lap blankets
31. Lap desk
32. Large numerical telephone
33. Lighted cane
34. Long length brush
35. Lotions
36. Magnifying glass
37. Medical alert jewelry
38. Medical books
39. Milk carton holder
40. Music (check what kind of player they have)
41. Pedicure set
42. Pen and pencil cushion
43. Photo book
44. Playing cards, large print
45. Reacher with rotating claw
46. Recliner
47. Restaurant gift cards
48. Robe
49. Rubber jar opener
50. Scarves and gloves
51. Slippers
52. Sport seat
53. Subscription to favorite newspaper or magazine
54. Tabletop card holder
55. Walker
56. Walker bag
57. Walker basket
58. Wallet, for walker, wheelchair, or pocket
59. Wheelchair
60. Wheelchair cup holder

Saturday, January 1, 2011

30 Products New Moms Want!

While in reality, new babies don’t need much the first few weeks of life, there have been many articles written about what new moms need and/or want to have available for their newborn when they return home from the hospital. Obviously, a layette, diapers, baby-care products, and feeding necessities are absolutely necessary.

But, this list has compiled the top 30 products most new mothers would like to have available when they bring their baby home - these are not necessities, but part of a new mom's wish list for that new bundle of joy!

1. Activity gym
2. Baby bibs
3. Baby monitor
4. Bath kit
5. Bedding
6. Blankets
7. Bottles
8. Bouncer
9. Breast pump
10. Burp cloths
11. Camera
12. Car seat
13. Changing table
14. Crib, bassinet, or cradle
15. Diaper bag
16. Diaper pail
17. Diapers and baby wipes
18. Jumper
19. Lullaby CDs
20. Meals
21. Medical supplies
22. Nursing cover-up
23. Nursing Pillow
24. Sleepers
25. Pacifiers
26. Rocking chair
27. Sling or front carrier
28. Starter library
29. Stroller
30. Swing

Please comment if you see items missing from this list:)