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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cute kitchen dishtowels - Brand new designs

The Bib Shoppe has been using the term "oven door dresses" and we are always asked what they are. So, after continually answering the question, we have decided to call them kitchen dishtowels "that adorn your oven door." We know - it's not much better, so if you have any better suggestions, let us know!!!

These cute kitchen dishtowels are made to hang over your oven door handle. They create a conversational piece around the kitchen table, and you wash them just like you would other dishtowels.

These dishtowels can also beautify a guest bathroom as a unique guest towel - especially at Christmas time.

One of our recent customers mentioned that she loves hers. Her toddler was always pulling the towel off the oven door and now she doesn't have to continually pick up the dishtowel off the floor, thus "saving my back" she states!

To purchase one of these KITCHEN DISHTOWELS, go to The Bib Shoppe at www.bibshoppe.com. As always, if you have any questions about our products, please email us from the Contact Link.

Have a great day!

Note: If you are purchasing one as a gift, be sure to check if the person has a handle. Some of the newer ovens don't.