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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Choosing Colors

There is so much to learn about choosing colors and mixing colors together. This could range from painting your house to choosing what colors you might like in a blanket.

When looking at a color wheel, there are three common approaches to decide on what colors look best together:

1. A MONOCROMATIC approach allows you to choose between hues of the same color, i.e. use a light blue with a dark blue.

2. A COMPLEMENTARY approach allows you to choose colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel, i.e. use a blue and a yellow together.

3. An ANALOGOUS approach allows you to choose adjacent colors, i.e. Use a blue and a blue- green together or a red and a red-orange together.

While color wheels are very helpful as far as learning about colors go, it isn’t the only method used for choosing colors for homes, sewing, and/or other craft items. Other considerations to ask are:

a. Do you like how something looks?
Not everyone sees colors exactly the same way as other people.

b. What surrounding colors are going to be around the object(s) you are considering purchasing or making?
For example, if you are making a white blanket to go on your couch which is up against a bright white wall, will the white you are choosing look chalky and dull next to the wall?

c. What is the lighting like where you will be placing the object you are purchasing and/or making?
Colors will look different under different lights. If choosing fabric, place the fabric where it will be on bright days, dreary days, mornings, and evenings before purchasing a large quantity to see if you are happy with its appearance under the various lighting situations.

In addition, remember that choosing colors are a reflection of your personality.
- Yellows are considered cheerful and bright.
- Reds are passionate and aggressive.
- Blues are calm and cool.
- Purples are regal and reflect royalty.
- Oranges are warm and cozy.
- Greens can be cool or vibrant depending on whether they are more yellow-tinted or blue-tinted.

Many mothers spend hours contemplating what colors to use for a baby nursery.

Reds, pinks, yellows, and oranges are warm colors, and these colors tend to be fabulous for larger baby nurseries. They give a feeling of coziness and are very inviting colors.

Blues and some greens are cool colors. They tend to have a calming effect on people making them excellent choices for baby rooms small in size.

Browns, beiges, creams, whites, and grays are considered neutral colors. They give a baby room a feeling of space. They can be used to tone down robust color schemes or be used as the staple color for any room.

Whatever your reason for choosing colors, enjoy mixing and matching colors until you find something that you LOVE! That's the BOTTOM LINE!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Minky "Dog Blankets"

Warm minky dog blankets are the newest trend for keeping your dog comfortable, cozy, and warm.

Why do dog lovers want a dog blanket for their beloved dogs? They...

- Provide security and comfort for lining a dog crate or carrier
- Provide warmth and familiarity over their dog bedding
- Provide comfort during their long or short car rides
- Collect dog hair and dirt keeping your car nice and clean
- Are easy to wash and interchange wherever you go with your dog
- Can match your decor by creating a coordinated home interior

Email bibshoppe@gmail.com with your address and we will send you a brochure complete with over 150 fabric choices or call 281-647-6877 for a personal consult to find the most perfect dog blankets for your family.