I've been Grilled

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three Crosses!

It has been said it’s always good to try new things. So, The Bib Shoppe made a trek to the Treemont Retirement Community in Houston, Texas today.

Evelyn took the first shift and I (Patti) took the second shift.

When I arrived, Evelyn was so excited about watching the folks and chatting with the folks, but I just wanted to sell our wares, make some money, and go home. Little did I know that something else was in store for me today.

I observed the people coming in and out of the lobby. I watched the families coming to visit their relatives, I watched people wander in and out of the dining hall with their walkers. Some stopped to talk to me at the display - others ignored me.

While at the center I listed to a lady from the Philippines tell me how in her country they wear stoles around themselves and wanted me to make her one. Oh, how happy she was when I told her I could make her a zebra and purple stole instead of the purple and zebra striped blanket I had.

I listened to a lovely lady admire our "oven door dresses." She bought them with love for her daughters. I would be amiss if I didn't tell you she got a bargain out of me.

I overheard a 95 year old lady telling her friend to "forward" her the email about getting money back from the state because she purchased her handicapped sticker during a certain time period.

But then there was Clem - Clem had talked to Evelyn earlier in the day. Clem hung around after lunch - he introduced me to his daughter Debbie who also lived there at the retirement community - Clem told me about all the colleges he had attended - he told me about his wife - he told me about his wood collection. Clem looked at our guitar bib. He told me his wife played the guitar and he wanted to get it for her. But he didn't --- at least not right away. A little while later, Clem came back to "make a deal." He had 3 wooden crosses that he had made in his room. He wanted to know if I would make him a deal and let him buy the bib for $10.00 ($8.00 less than the retail price) and he would let me choose a cross he had made to make up the difference. Of course, I did. Then, Clem went to his room to bring down two of the favorite pieces from his woodwork to show me. He was so proud of his tiger - as he should have been. It was beautiful. Clem left again while I chatted with his daughter. He then returned for the 3rd or 4th time with a small wooden cross to give me. I knew then why I was wearing my gold chain today without any charm on it. I immediately took my gold necklace off and threaded the red cross through the chain, clasped it in the back, and smiled so big. Then, I knew why we were there today - sometimes it takes a wake-up call to get us to focus on the real importance of life. And, there I was - I walked in with one cross around my neck on my second chain, but I was leaving with three now!

God has a way of making us remember what is important. The signs and promptings aren’t always as EXTREME as someone giving you two crosses within a 60 minute time period to show you where to keep your heart.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in wanting to make money that we forget what is really important. Today, I was reminded I can't always be on the computer; I can't always be figuring out how to optimize our webpage; and I can't always be busy, busy, busy. Sometimes, we all just need to stop and “smell the roses!”