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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bib Shoppe
1795 N. Fry Road #448
Katy, Texas 77450

Email with questions regarding purchasing these bibs! $20.00 plus S&H
Checks only! We are new.

We love fabric!!!!!
Blog from Evelyn

One of the most fun parts of making and selling bibs is selecting the fabric. Patti and I love to find beautiful fabrics that we feel will be special for our customers.
We are careful to pick fabrics that are soft but durable enough to be washed repeatedly.

Since our bibs can be worn on either side we are careful to be sure that the two sides compliment each other and that they are equally pretty. One side is usually what we consider the dominant side (more interesting, thematic, or busy) and the other side is usually a bit more subdued.
We feel that the fabric is what makes them such beautiful gifts for loved ones. These are not just bibs to protect clothing (although they certainly do that). They are meant to tell those we care for that they are loved. Wearing a cheerful and personal bib is "fun". It's a treat!
Check out some of our newest fabric that will be on sale at the craft shows or can be ordered by emailing us. Time to start thinking about those special people for the holidays!

Fall fabrics - beautiful autumn colors, leaves, corn, pumpkins, turkeys!!

Holiday fabrics - poinsettias, Christmas trees, holly and even holiday kittens!

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