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Friday, July 18, 2008

An exciting week!

Blog from Evelyn!

What fun to start a new business. Lots of work but there is a real feeling of accomplishment. We now have an email address (bibshoppe@gmail.com), a post office address (1795 N. Fry Road #448), a bank account (with a little money), a DBA, an EIN, a sales tax ID #, three domain names and who knows what else. We have a beautiful brochure, two wonderful sewers (Carol and Martha), and have sold ONE (have to start somewhere) bib. The gift shop at Christus St. Catherine on Fry is displaying two of our bibs and our brochure.

Here are some of our fun and practical bibs! They are folded (they are much longer) so you can see the fabric better. Check them out!

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