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Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking to the world

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Posted by Evelyn

This is my first experience blogging. It seems strange just talking to anyone or everyone! Hello out there!

Patti is on vacation this week so I am taking care of the "shoppe". We are beginning to get ourselves set up for craft shows and events this fall. If any of you out there in the blogger world know of a good show that we might be part of, let us know. We will keep you posted as to where we will be when.

I have come to realize that the pictures that Dave (my supportive husband) and I took of the bibs (in last weeks blog) look a little short. We purposely folded them so that we could get close enough to show the designs on the fabric. We thought that was a brilliant idea but it makes the bibs look short and they are actually quite long. So we will be retaking pics this week.

I have been having a great time making mommy/baby bibs for two friends. Right now I am working on a really colorful set. I have matching fabrics for the front and back of the mommy bib. Then I will make two baby bibs. The baby bibs will have the fabrics of the mommy bib on the front and a bright chenille for the backing (baby will need a little more absorbency). That way, mommy, daddy, granny, friend or neighbor can wear a bib to protect clothing when feeding the baby. And the bib will match baby's bib. That is not the focus of our business but it sure is fun.

Have to run upstairs and sew. Have a good week!

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