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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Model wearing a new bib from The Bib Shoppe
The bib business is going great! The Bib Shoppe is adding to their inventory each day! We have some beautiful "Praise the Lord" bibs that we added to our collection yesterday. They are so lovely! Sorry, I don't have a picture.

Our new bib models!

I want to use this blog to thank my son Jimmy for being such an encouragement as we have started our business. Jimmy just graduated from Babson College in the Boston area. Babson is known nationwide as the #1 Entrepreneurial college in the nation - no lie, that is what U.S. News & Reports states! Every class taken at Babson College incorporates a tinge of Entrepreneurship in their instruction. Of course, Jimmy was entrepreneurial before he went to Babson - that is why he decided to go there - Okay, the scholarship didn't hurt! But, Jimmy is the guy I go to with questions about running a business. He started his own video business while still in high school. Okay, I sound like a proud mom (which I am), so I will stop.

Jimmy - the day after his graduation from Babson College - May, 2008

I want to share with you how Evelyn and I came up with the name of our company. We had been writing down name after name of company name possibilities. Then, one day, I made "an appointment" with Jimmy to sit down with Evelyn and myself to go over the name possibilities. He opened up the computer to Go Daddy, and he plugged in name after name that we told him, to see if the names were available. Some of the names we had were corny - some were funny - some were just plain 'ol weird.

Here are some examples of what we came up with...

- Twilight Bibs

- Bibs Because

- Sunset Bibs

- Beaucoup de Bibs

- Bibs are Cool

- Geriatric Bibs

- Spill Catchers Bibs

- Absolutely Awesome Bibs

- Bibs Galore

- Catch a Crumb Bibs

- Bibs Forever, and many more...

Then, Jimmy said, "What is the main focus of your business?" We said, "bibs." So, we said, "How about "The Bib Shop." Jimmy typed it in Go Daddy, and it was taken. So, we said, "What about "The Bib Shoppe?" And low and behold, it was available. Actually, we were so shocked it was available, and we just decided to go for it! We liked the ring - sort of like The Vitamin Shoppe! Jimmy agreed that The Bib Shoppe was the best name too. Jimmy registered 3 domain names for us...and the birth of The Bib Shoppe began.

So, the next day, we went to the courthouse, registered and got our DBA (Doing Business As), and that is the story of how our name started.

Owner-Patti just received the DBA for The Bib Shoppe!

Oh, Jimmy accepted his first "after college" job. Yeah! It is in San Antonio, and he has to wear professional dress to work.

Jimmy recently Instant Messaged me. This is what he had to say about his first week at work...

"I want one [bib] because I have had juice from my apple spill on my tie and I spilled coffee on a shirt too all in the first week!"

Keep checking this blog. Soon, I will show Jim wearing his special Bib Shoppe bib.

These bibs are great for young professionals to wear in their car back and forth from work, especially while eating and drinking like they all do!


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