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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bib Shoppe

Blog from Patti!

Hi Everyone in the Blog Community,

Evelyn (my friend) and I have just started a new company called "The Bib Shoppe." Our goal is to design, manufacture, and sell bibs that are fun and functional. As we start the company, our initial focus is on making bibs that are fun to wear and easy to use for senior citizens. (And that is anyone over 55!) However, our bibs can be used by everyone. We feel strongly about breaking down what I will call the "bib barrier." Bibs can be fun, useful, and a topic of conversation.
This company originated when I bought a new sewing machine in January, 2008. My mother (82 years old) kept asking me to make a bib for my father that covered him up more than a normal bib would. So, I did. The first one I made for him was a plain white bib. He liked it so much that he wanted more. He now has a white bib, a book-lovers bib, a spaghetti bib, a political party bib, and his favorite is his special blue bib. The bib covers his upper body and lap, and because it is so long, it doubles as a napkin for him - no more napkins falling to the ground.

When I told Evelyn about the bibs I was making, a thought had already been stirring in her mind about making fun hospital gowns. We collaborated and made a ton of practice bibs. And just this week, we actually registered our company as "The Bib Shoppe."

We will be adding more bibs to this site as we make them.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the best part. We are in the process of test marketing the bibs. There are 8 women in a bridge group (ages 75-85) that will receive a free bib. They will wear their bibs for a week at each meal, wash and dry the bib, and then fill out a survey with questions and comments about the bibs. We are anxiously awaiting to see what their comments are so we can adjust our bibs to the customers' satisfaction.

Check back later to read our posts and see what develops.

We are a small start up company, so be patient with us. We will keep you up to date on our progress and when you will be able to purchase our bibs. We want to get them perfected for our treasured customers.

Patti & Evelyn
The Bib Shoppe Owners

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