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Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking to the world

Owner Evelyn with DBA (Doing Business As)
Posted by Evelyn

This is my first experience blogging. It seems strange just talking to anyone or everyone! Hello out there!

Patti is on vacation this week so I am taking care of the "shoppe". We are beginning to get ourselves set up for craft shows and events this fall. If any of you out there in the blogger world know of a good show that we might be part of, let us know. We will keep you posted as to where we will be when.

I have come to realize that the pictures that Dave (my supportive husband) and I took of the bibs (in last weeks blog) look a little short. We purposely folded them so that we could get close enough to show the designs on the fabric. We thought that was a brilliant idea but it makes the bibs look short and they are actually quite long. So we will be retaking pics this week.

I have been having a great time making mommy/baby bibs for two friends. Right now I am working on a really colorful set. I have matching fabrics for the front and back of the mommy bib. Then I will make two baby bibs. The baby bibs will have the fabrics of the mommy bib on the front and a bright chenille for the backing (baby will need a little more absorbency). That way, mommy, daddy, granny, friend or neighbor can wear a bib to protect clothing when feeding the baby. And the bib will match baby's bib. That is not the focus of our business but it sure is fun.

Have to run upstairs and sew. Have a good week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Model wearing a new bib from The Bib Shoppe
The bib business is going great! The Bib Shoppe is adding to their inventory each day! We have some beautiful "Praise the Lord" bibs that we added to our collection yesterday. They are so lovely! Sorry, I don't have a picture.

Our new bib models!

I want to use this blog to thank my son Jimmy for being such an encouragement as we have started our business. Jimmy just graduated from Babson College in the Boston area. Babson is known nationwide as the #1 Entrepreneurial college in the nation - no lie, that is what U.S. News & Reports states! Every class taken at Babson College incorporates a tinge of Entrepreneurship in their instruction. Of course, Jimmy was entrepreneurial before he went to Babson - that is why he decided to go there - Okay, the scholarship didn't hurt! But, Jimmy is the guy I go to with questions about running a business. He started his own video business while still in high school. Okay, I sound like a proud mom (which I am), so I will stop.

Jimmy - the day after his graduation from Babson College - May, 2008

I want to share with you how Evelyn and I came up with the name of our company. We had been writing down name after name of company name possibilities. Then, one day, I made "an appointment" with Jimmy to sit down with Evelyn and myself to go over the name possibilities. He opened up the computer to Go Daddy, and he plugged in name after name that we told him, to see if the names were available. Some of the names we had were corny - some were funny - some were just plain 'ol weird.

Here are some examples of what we came up with...

- Twilight Bibs

- Bibs Because

- Sunset Bibs

- Beaucoup de Bibs

- Bibs are Cool

- Geriatric Bibs

- Spill Catchers Bibs

- Absolutely Awesome Bibs

- Bibs Galore

- Catch a Crumb Bibs

- Bibs Forever, and many more...

Then, Jimmy said, "What is the main focus of your business?" We said, "bibs." So, we said, "How about "The Bib Shop." Jimmy typed it in Go Daddy, and it was taken. So, we said, "What about "The Bib Shoppe?" And low and behold, it was available. Actually, we were so shocked it was available, and we just decided to go for it! We liked the ring - sort of like The Vitamin Shoppe! Jimmy agreed that The Bib Shoppe was the best name too. Jimmy registered 3 domain names for us...and the birth of The Bib Shoppe began.

So, the next day, we went to the courthouse, registered and got our DBA (Doing Business As), and that is the story of how our name started.

Owner-Patti just received the DBA for The Bib Shoppe!

Oh, Jimmy accepted his first "after college" job. Yeah! It is in San Antonio, and he has to wear professional dress to work.

Jimmy recently Instant Messaged me. This is what he had to say about his first week at work...

"I want one [bib] because I have had juice from my apple spill on my tie and I spilled coffee on a shirt too all in the first week!"

Keep checking this blog. Soon, I will show Jim wearing his special Bib Shoppe bib.

These bibs are great for young professionals to wear in their car back and forth from work, especially while eating and drinking like they all do!


Friday, July 18, 2008

An exciting week!

Blog from Evelyn!

What fun to start a new business. Lots of work but there is a real feeling of accomplishment. We now have an email address (bibshoppe@gmail.com), a post office address (1795 N. Fry Road #448), a bank account (with a little money), a DBA, an EIN, a sales tax ID #, three domain names and who knows what else. We have a beautiful brochure, two wonderful sewers (Carol and Martha), and have sold ONE (have to start somewhere) bib. The gift shop at Christus St. Catherine on Fry is displaying two of our bibs and our brochure.

Here are some of our fun and practical bibs! They are folded (they are much longer) so you can see the fabric better. Check them out!

golfer, fiesta, Praise the Lord, coffee cups

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bib Shoppe

Blog from Patti!

Hi Everyone in the Blog Community,

Evelyn (my friend) and I have just started a new company called "The Bib Shoppe." Our goal is to design, manufacture, and sell bibs that are fun and functional. As we start the company, our initial focus is on making bibs that are fun to wear and easy to use for senior citizens. (And that is anyone over 55!) However, our bibs can be used by everyone. We feel strongly about breaking down what I will call the "bib barrier." Bibs can be fun, useful, and a topic of conversation.
This company originated when I bought a new sewing machine in January, 2008. My mother (82 years old) kept asking me to make a bib for my father that covered him up more than a normal bib would. So, I did. The first one I made for him was a plain white bib. He liked it so much that he wanted more. He now has a white bib, a book-lovers bib, a spaghetti bib, a political party bib, and his favorite is his special blue bib. The bib covers his upper body and lap, and because it is so long, it doubles as a napkin for him - no more napkins falling to the ground.

When I told Evelyn about the bibs I was making, a thought had already been stirring in her mind about making fun hospital gowns. We collaborated and made a ton of practice bibs. And just this week, we actually registered our company as "The Bib Shoppe."

We will be adding more bibs to this site as we make them.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the best part. We are in the process of test marketing the bibs. There are 8 women in a bridge group (ages 75-85) that will receive a free bib. They will wear their bibs for a week at each meal, wash and dry the bib, and then fill out a survey with questions and comments about the bibs. We are anxiously awaiting to see what their comments are so we can adjust our bibs to the customers' satisfaction.

Check back later to read our posts and see what develops.

We are a small start up company, so be patient with us. We will keep you up to date on our progress and when you will be able to purchase our bibs. We want to get them perfected for our treasured customers.

Patti & Evelyn
The Bib Shoppe Owners

Welcome to "The Bib Shoppe" - a new store specializing in bibs for the elderly, hospitalized, home-bound, or just anyone who wants a bib to protect their clothing while eating!!! They are awesome - what more can I say!